2014 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show

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The 2017 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show & Rider RoundUp at the Ranch
Calendar Bike Building Championship - Featuring 2 Events This Year!

Saturday July 15th - Calendar Bike Builders Party at the Calendar Photo Studio
Sunday Oct 15th - Rider RoundUp at The Ranch & Calendar Bike Building Championship

The 2017 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show continued its now 27-year tradition as the premier outdoor street bike event in America at two exciting dates and venues this year. Each Event featured top Celebrity Custom Bikes & Builders, selected Vendors and Exhibitors, Live Music performances. And the world premier of next year's new 2018 FastDates.com Motorcycle PinUp Calendars featuring the world's top Sport and Custom Motorcycles with the beautiful Calendar Kittens in attendance at the Show. The best Builders and their Bikes were invited to be photographed by producer Jim Gianatsis for the next FastDates.com Calendars.

2018 Iron & Lace Calendar
The 2017 LA Calendar Motorcycle Shows celebrates the premier of the new 2018 FastDates.com Calendars including Iron & Lace with the winning bike sof the 2106 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show's Calendar Bike Building Championship.
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Builder's Party
Calendar Kitten Corle and Max Hazam's Show Winner!

Max Hazan's Supercharged Husqvarna Replica Board Track Racer
Takes Best of Show at the October 15th Rider RoundUp at the Ranch

Report and Photos by Jim Gianatsis • Click on any Picture for Hi-Resolution

Paramount Movie Ranch State Park, Agoura, CA, October 15th, 2017 - Our Calendar Bike Building Championship joined the Rider RoundUp at the Ranch produced by celebrity Calendar Bike builder Russell Mitchell and wife Rachel / Exile Cycles at the Paramount Western Movie Ranch in Agoura, CA, just down the road from the legendary Southern California biker hangout The Rock Store on Mulholland Highway. It was an exciting day of beautiful Custom Motorcycles, Activities, great tasting Food Truck, BBQ and Craft Beer, Venders, Manufacturers and Live Music. The Rider Round Up at the Ranch was the second year celebration of Exile Cycles’ 20th Anniversary Party held at Paramount Ranch the year before, now continuing on an annual basis. And again it was a benefit to raise money to Fight Leukemia by auctioning off products and services, together with money donated by the Vendors and Sponsors, this year raising $7000 for the Cause.

The famous Paramount Ranch movie location is a fun place to hold a bike show, with spectators being able to ride their bikes and park in the streets of the old western town. For movie and TV Buffs, Paramount Ranch was first owned and built by Paramount Movie Studios as a western town movie set back in the 1923 for the then popular western movies. In the 1960’s a paved sports car road racing track was built on the land and held races for a few years. More recently the location was the set for the popular 90s TV Series of the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. A train station was built in the western town for Dr, Quinn, including the laying of real train tracks and the installation of a live running steam locomotive with cars which operated back and forth across the set. When the Dr. Quinn TV series ended the entire Paramount Ranch including the western town movie set was given to the U.S. Park System for public use, with the condition it could still be used for filming and special events. Most recently the western set was used it the HBO TV series West World.

LA Calendar Motorccyle Show 2017 Calendar Bike Building Championship

FastDates.com Calendar Kitten Corle welcomes us to the Calendar Bike Building Championship at the old Western Town Train Station. The lowered Red / White Bagger on the right is the Azkziker which placed a close 2nd in Street Custom.

FastDates.com Calendar Kitten Corle with David Bird's / DavidBirdHardtails.com 2nd Place Triump Bar Hopper.

The Train Station Platform was the location for this year’s Calendar Bike Building Championship, the custom motorcycle contest franchise feature of the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show producer by FastDates.com Calendar photographer Jim Gianatsis. Assisting Jim in producing this year’s bike contest was Calendar Kitten Corle Bunch, who ran the morning’s Contest Registration, posed for the bike owners and spectators for photos, and assisted Russell Mitchell and Jim with the authenic Mikuni Carburetor Trophies at the end of the day in the shaded concert and dining area.

Vendor Midway

The Vendor Midway featured Balck Bike Wheels Azzkikr Customs, DB Customs / Alloy Art, The Speed Merchant, Jim's Machine and many more

Russell auctioned off swag in the shaded band/ dining area to help pull in $7000 to donate to the Leukemia Society.

Western Town Set at Paramunt Ranch

Spectator bikes got to park their bikes in the middle of the old Western Town Set at Paramunt Ranch.

The Rider RoundUp at the Ranch is produced by Russell and Rachel Mitchell, Exile Cycles

The Los Angeles Calendar Motorcycle Show and the Calendar Bike Building Championship is produced by
Jim Gianatsis, Gianatsis Design Associates

Gianatsis Design



Taking Best of Show at the 2017 Rider RoundUp Calendar Bike Building Championship was Max Hazan's hand crafted Supercharged KTM Single Cafe Racer. Max, who has a storefront custom bike shop in Venice Beach, CA, built this latest customer consigned bike bike from scratch around a 420cc KTM / Husqvarna 4-stroke single cylinder dirt bike engine. Max fabricated a belt drive system off the engine's crankshaft to run a mini dual rotor Supercharger fed by a Keihin FCR39 Racing Carburetor.

The KTM single's steel tube rigid frame chases hosing the water-cooled motor was built around 26-inch classic car tires with custom built spoked wheels. The tiny rear disc brake located behind the rider's right foot, operates a shaft through the frame with a fixed primary sprocket on the other side, engaged with the drive chain, to slow the rear wheel down when the foot bake is pressed. Very original! The hand made springer front forks with hydraulic damping and a front headlight that turns with the steering stem is also unique. The bike is finished off with a beautiful had made aluminum fuel tank, handlebars and many other components. It was unanimous by anyone who saw it, that Max’s Supercharged KTM Board Track Racer Replica was the Show winner, one of the Calendar Bike Building Championship’s best ever builds in its 26 year history.

Garnering Judge’s Special Mention in this year’s 2017 Championship was 2016 Best of Show winner Yuichiti Yoshizkwa,/ Custom Works Zon / cw-zon.com who again flew in again from Japan with his complete build crew and their newest custom bikenamed “Zonkern”. The Sportser powered sport bike featured a highly intricate aluminum tube frame with a Ducati Superbike single side rear swingarm, and full hand fabricated aluminum gas tank and bodywork.

Todd Daniels Bagger

Todd Daniel's beautiful Candy Apple Red Tutbocharged Bagger won Street Custom.

The Calendar Bike Building Championship Championship Class Winners included Todd Daniel in Street Custom with his beautiful Turbocharged Red Bagger which premiered at our Calendar Bike Builder’s Party back in July where it was photographed for the next Iron & Lace Calendar.

Also premiering back in July at the Builder’s party and also photographed for the Calendar was Richard Jones’ Sportster powered British replica custom, now taking the Classic American class. The Bar Hopper / Bobber Class was dominated by classic Triumph Twins from the ‘60s, with Anthony Robinson entering two Meriden bikes, and taking first place with the most unique which had the cylinder head reversed so the carburetors faced forward, and the exhausts ran straight out of the back of the heads.

Sara and Brittni with Richard Jones' newest custom, a retro British themed cafe racer with a springer front end and a modern Harley Evo engine. Richard is not a professional builder, and this was just his 2d ever build for his own collection. His first custom build was an aluminum framed Harley custom which won the Street Custom Class at the 2015 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show and is featured in the 2018 Iron & Lace Calendar.

2017 Rider RoundUp Calendar Bike Building Championship
Best of Show: Max Hazan's Supercharged KTM Single Cafe Racer.
Judge’s Special Mention: Yuichiti Yoshizkwa,/ Custom Works Zon Sportster
Street Custom: 1. Todd Daniel Red Turbo Bagger; 2. John Meade / Azzkikr Custom Bagger.
Bar Hopper: 1. Anthony Robinson Triumph Bobber w/ reversed heads;
2. David Bird, Triumph Bobber; 3. Anthony Robinson Triumph Bobber.
Classic American: Richard Jones Sportster British Retro;
2. Spike's custom Harley; 3. Richard Jones aluminum frame Big Twin / 2016 Show Class winner.

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Russell Mitchell and FastDates.com Calendar Kitte Corle award Max Hazan the Calendar Bike Building Championship Best of Show Mikuni Carburetor Trophy.

Five Threads Brewing Company from Westlake Village offered up five ice cold tasty micro brews on tap!

Two different rock bands performed thtought the day.

Fueling's Vendor display featured their jaw draw dropping 3-cylinder Evo Street Custom.

Russell (Mohawk and shades) and Rachel Mitchell (pink hair on the chopper) with their Exile Krew of Volunteers who worked hard to put on a great event and raised $7000 to help fight Leukemia. Thanks Guys and Gals!

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Jim Gianatsis

LA Calendar Motorcycle Show History
The first annual LA Calendar Motorcycle Show actually started out as a backyard BBQ at producer Jim Gianatsis' house in 1991 to celebrate the publication of the 1992 Fast Dates racebike, and first 1992 Mikuni Iron & Lace Calendar with custom bikes and models. One of the calendar models, Playboy Playmate Teri Weigel, actually handled cooking the burgers on the outdoor grill.

The first Mikuni Calendar actually pubished in 1990 with my photo of Playmate Teri Lynn Doss on the cover holding a Mikuni carburetor, and inside the "Mikuni Calendar" featured nude model photography from Penthuse photographer Steven Hicks.

This first Calendar was produced by Gianatsis Design for our client Mikuni to replace the generic stock nude photogrpahy which Mikuni had been buying from Japan, imprinting Mikuni name on it and giving it to distributors as a Christmas present each year.
It was our intention (Gianatsis Design and Mikuni marketing director Lee Chapin) to bring out an origional calendar which incorporated Mikuni carburetor products.

Then the next year, 1991 we decided to produce a Mikuni promotional calendar we could sell to the public and featurd Mikuni carburetors on all the top racing bikes of the era.
The 1991 Mikuni Calendar was photographed in its entirity by myself and included cover model and new Playboy Playmate Pamela Andreson with Miguel Duhamel's Yoshimura Suzuki "Big Poppa" unlimited class Superbike.

In 1992 we movied to Mikuni Calendar premier party to Mikuni American and invited all of the motorcycle media and mikuni distributors to attend, along with the models and big builders.
It was such a great party, I suggested we open it to the public the following year, and weith Mikuni as a 50/50 parter to moved to to the Santa Monica Airport's Museum of Flying

The Mikuni Calendar Motorcycle Show remained and grew at the Sanata Monica Airport through year 1999, but at that point the 1-day Show had become too big for the Museum Facility and the available parking.

And Mikuni Corporation felt the Calendar Show was taking time away from the Carburetior Division's main focus of carburetor development and sales. So Mikuni relinquised its partnership in the Calendar Show to Gianatis Design, and in 2000 the Calendar Show was renamed the Los Angeles Calendar Motorcycle Show and it moved to the Queen Mary Park in Long Beach in association with the Queen Mary Corp. The Queen Mary Park location right on on the Pacific Ocean proved to be an incredible event location for a Motorcycle Show in the hot SoCal in the summer, and in 2001 we expanded the Show to 2-days as it continued to grow.

The Calendar Show continued to grow during the mid 2000s with the American V-twin custom bike market, fuel by TV Shows like American Thunder, West Coast Choppers and Biker Buildoff.

Many of the celebrity custom bike builders who gained their recognition and fame at the Show and being featured in the FastDates.com Calendars included Ron Simms / Bay Area Customs, Russ Tom / Downtown Harley-Davidson, Jessie Rooke, Roland Sands / Roland Sands Design, Jesse James / West Coast Customs, Tussell Mitchell / Exile Cycles, Richard Pollock / Mule Motorcycles, Jim Giuffra / AFT Customs.

Show Producer Jim Gianatsis introduced many newaspects to motorccyle events at the LA Calendsr Motorcyle Show during this period including the Calendar Bike Building Championship, the Calendar Girl Music Festival, the World Championship Dyno Shootout, Supermoto races in the parking lot, Bike Builder Seminars, Calendat Girl Beauty Pagent, and the Perfect Angels all-girl dance team.

The LA Calendar Show reached its peak in the year 2007 at the Queen Mary Park venue with a 2-day weekend event that drew 191 major motorcyle manufacturers, custom bike companies, product companies, vendors, and some 7,000 paid spectators.