Jayme Langford

Jayme "M-F-ing" Langford
Barely Legal Teen Goddess, Model and FastDates.com Calendar Kitten

We find our FastDates.com Calendar Kittens everywhere.... from top modeling agnecies near our home officein Los Angeles, worldwide through the web, in publications like like Playboy, and our our favorit adult webistes like www.Met-Art.com where we first noticed this beautiful, cute little red haired girl named Jayme Langford.
With a serch through Google.com we we're happy to find that Jayme was living in working in Los Angeles, and was at 18 years old already a top teen adult print and video star shooting with Hustler magazine.

Garage Girls 2010

Jayme is featured in both the 2010 FastDates.com Calendars: Garage Girls and Iron & Lace from a studio shoot which included Rachel Bernstein and Playboy Playmate Athena Lundburg. After the Calendar shoot was completed Jayme stayed at the studio to shoot an additional nude pictorial which is featured in the FastDates.com Members Corner. Jayme has a bright and bubbly outgoing personality and was a joy to work with. You'll definitely want to pick up both her Calendars and visit her photo galleries in Members Corner.

Jayme Langford

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Jayme Langford

"My name is Jayme Langford and I want to personally welcome you to my page at FastDates.com. I am a flirty 19 year old and I am working my way through college right now. Aside from going to school, my dream of becoming a model has finally come true! Between college and photo shoots like the FastDates.com Calendar and Website I did with Jim Gianatsis, I manage to meet a lot of hot girls to play with on my own web site as well, www.JaymeLangford.com.

Jayme Langford

I heard from one of my girlfriends that girls can earn money by running their own web site and I thought it would be a fun way to put myself through school. It didn’t take me long to ditch my job as a waitress and move to California!

Rachel Bernstein

Since I started modeling I have been in magazines from Barely Legal to Penthouse. You may also recognize from the cover of Finally Legal, Purely 18, or Hustler magazine!

Jayme Langford

Now that I have my own web site you can not only have full access to all of my steamy content, you can get to know me better by reading my diary, watching my live webcam shows, or just send me an email. Now that I get to model on my web site both of our fantasies are a reality! I am a total voyeur and love to shoot sexy pictures and videos. I can’t wait for you to watch my naughty videos and check out my cute girlfriends!"

XOXOX Love, Jayme

Jayme Langford





Jayme Langford
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Now Lives: Los Angeles, CA
Stats: 5'3", 112 lbs, 34C-24-34



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Jayme Langford

"I am pretty much just a cute college girl trying to get by and strive in this crazy world. My life is SO busy! I am a very creative person. I love all kinds of art, and I especially love creating it! I enjoy producing products... whether it is a photo that was taken of me, a song I wrote, an article I write, ANYTHING.

Right now I am focusing on my web site (check it out!) I love doing my own thing and running my own life. I shoot a lot of sexy videos and pictures for my site and I have been keeping a diary on there too that is free to check out.

A few of my girlfriends and I are working on putting together a band. Music is my #1 passion in life and I am ready to stop procrastinating and worrying about failure and go for it. I have always been a heavy thinker and have written a lot of songs that we are in the process of putting music to. I took piano lessons when I was growing up, but now I am more interested in playing the guitar. There are few things I enjoy more than sitting in my living room, strumming a guitar, and singing to myself. Our band is called Pajama band!"

I am very concerned about overpopulation, the environment, and wildlife conservation. Almost all of the world's problems (poverty, starvation, war (excited by land competition), pollution, lack of natural resources) would be solved if overpopulation was not such an issue.

I'm a pre-med major. I am interested in medicine, but not JUST because I would like to reduce human suffering. I could not spend my life trying to maximize life spans, which are naturally meant to be much shorter than they are today. Money is power (and happiness), and we need more people with alterior and additional motives in the health field in the US."


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