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18 year old barley legal Hustler Honey and adult film starlet Bree Daniels is ready to rock your world as a Calendar Kitten!. The minute Bree turned 18 this beautiful 5 foot 8 inch baby faced blond with no inhibitions boarded the Greyhound bus from her small Northwestern home town and headed to Los Angeles to make her fame and fortune in the adult magazine and film business.

We still hadn't heard of Bree when her new agent was on the phone asking if they could come by the office for a Go-See. We were between shooting seasons for the Calendars, working hard on production and not really looking for any models at the time, but hey, anything to break up the monotony in the office was always welcome, particularly if it involved a pretty girl. Needless to say when Bree walked in the door she completely blew us away with her fresh new beauty and sweet personality. We booked her then and there for a shoot, and would find some way to use the pictures!

The next week Bree was back with us in the studio to shoot stills for the next edition 2012 Calendars. And because Bree is the type of girl who likes to take her clothes off you can guess we got a lot of great photos of her getting naked for her new Calendar Kitten Gallery in Members Corner. But it didn't stop there as Bree wanted us to use our video camera to show you guys just how excited she really was to be shooting for the Calendars.

Look for more of Bree Daniels with even less clothes as she shows us what she likes to do best in both pictures and video in
Members Corner.

Bree Daniels Hustler cover

Bree Daniels Fast Dates Calendar

At Bree's Calendar photo shoot: "Stop,Don't" quickly changed to "Don't Stop"....

Bree Daniels

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Talking with Bree

So how did you get started in the industry?
Bree Daniels: I was looking for modeling jobs via the internet and had a online profile and was contacted by my current agent.
Were you doing mainstream modeling before?
Bree Daniels: I started out doing a little bit of modeling when I was 15, stopped due to school but later resumed due to my previous enjoyment with it, but it was a DIFFERENT kind of modeling. (Laughs) So yes and no.
How did you come up with your name? I know you were Bree Victoria for awhile...
Bree Daniels: It was easy and generic. I like it cause everyone can recognize it!

Bree Daniels Tattoo

We have to ask you about your tattoo. It's so unique, what's the significance of it?
Bree Daniels: It's an Iroquis Tree of Peace, my mother and I got the same one, so that's one reason why it's significant to me and it's also important because it reminds me of who I am and where I came from.
Is the Adult Film industry what you thought it would be or different?
Bree Daniels: NO! Not at all! It wasn't as dirty and uncomfortable as I would have imagined, it is actually a lot more professional and has tons of untapped potential.
What was your first hardcore scene like for you? Nervous? Excited?
Bree Daniels: Well depends what you define "hardcore" as. But I was quite nervous at my first shoot, but after I got going it was flowing.... like my downstairs, (Laughs), sorry!
So what concerns did you have about becoming an adult performer?
Bree Daniels: My number one... and really only concern is safety! But that's why I only work with established companies.
Do your close friends know about your work in the industry?
Bree Daniels: My close friends are highly entertained by knowing what I do for a living and are comfortable with it.

Bree Daniels
Did you consider yourself highly sexual when you were growing up?
Bree Daniels: Highly sexual is an understatement, but don't get me wrong, I wasn't a sleezy girl by any means!

Do you identify yourself as bi-sexual or is that only for performance?
Bree Daniels: I am truly into women....but I could never date one, we're crazy! ( Laughs) Too many emotions!
What's the wildest sexual thing you've ever done in your personal life?
Bree Daniels: You don't want to know the wildest one... but here's the runner up, tied up with some ice cubes and a few girlfriends and drinks. I'd tell you more... but all I remember is I woke up with a blue tongue and a hangover.
That's a pretty wild night. Are their things you'd like to do in your personal life that you haven't yet?
Bree Daniels: Yes! I want a threesome in real life. (Laughs)

Lucky for us!!!  So you mentioned you were highly sexual growing up. What's the longest sex session you've ever had and how many times did you cum?
Bree Daniels: It was about 4 hours and I came 54 times.

54? Come on really?
Bree Daniels: No shit! I was so sore!
WOW! What was the guy doing to make you cum so many times.
Bree Daniels: He had me tied up and he just had his way with me. (winks)
Lucky guy! So how long do you plan on performing in the business? Anything you'd like to accomplish before you retire?
Bree Daniels: A minimum of 5 years, I'd love more! I'd like to make a big name for myself and get into mainstream acting and maybe some modeling.
Adult performers are constantly crossing over to mainstream nowadays. Do you enjoy the the performance aspect of the industry more or the modeling?
Bree Daniels: I am not sure, I think it really depends on my mood. I like to model, but since I've performed longer I am more comfortable doing that. I have been acting since I was 6.



Bree Daniels
Home: Spokane, WA
Birthday: Nov 8th 1982
Stats: 5'7", 112 lbs, 34D-22-34

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