Jacqueline Pabst


We first noticed beautiful Jacqueline Pabst when she appeared in Playboy magazine in their annual college edition, that year featuring the Girls of the Pac10 West Coast Pacific Conference.
Jacqueline's striking good looks scored her a full page picture in the opening page of the feature, despite the fact she wasn't even appearing nude. Her looks were so amazing, like actress Amber Heard. We noticed that our good buddy, Playboy photographer Josh Ryan had shot the pictorial, so we gave Josh a call to ask him to help us get in touch with this drop dead gorgeous beauty and booked her for a shot at our studio.

We came to learn that Jacqueline was a Marketing and Communications major at UCLA , and was doing modeling part time on the side.

When Jacqueline arrived at our studio for her FastDates.com Calendar shoot, no longer with the long blond hair she had in her Playboy magazine photo, but now with short black hair, and we were shocked. And if she still was wasn't so gorgeous with her perfect face and eyes, silky smooth skin and and incredible body, we might have sent her back home.

Sometimes a really beautiful girl like Jacqueline, who is serous about a business career, and to stop being hit on by some many guys, will do just what Jacqueline did to tone down her looks and clothes so they won't be noticed as much.

In our 2016 Iron & Lace Calendar photos with Jacqueline and two Ron Simms custom Harley, Jacqueline is featured with her Black hair. But for her Garage Girls pictures, our make-up artist Victoria Rubell just happed to have a blond wig with her, which we put on Jacqueline , and the results were just amazing.! You can see why we chose one of these pictures for the cover of the new 2015 Garage Girls Calendar.

Playboy, in Jacqueline's College Girl Pictorial, even hinted that Jacqueline might return in the future as a Playboy Playmate, but 18 month have gone by and it has yet to happen. At the time of our Calendar shoot she had told us she had not further interest in modeling, and has since stopped shooting as far as we know.

Jitunka and Petra

We've since learned that Jacqueline, after grading UCLA in Marketing Communications, has landed a job as a marketing intern at a major record label based in Los Angeles to kick off her new career. Congratulations!

Jacqueline Pabst

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Jacqueline Pabst
Stats: 5' 8 " tall
120 lbs. 34C-23-34
Size 2
Birthday Sept 30th, 1991

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