Fast Dates Calendar Celebrates 20 years by bringing
Czech SBK Calendar Kittens Jitka and Petra to 2014
Laguna Seca World Superbike and the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show

By Jim Gianatsis   Photos by Jim Gianatsis, Massimo Oliana and Sabrina Mosca

California, USA, July 15-22nd 2014
-The Calendars and myself, producer / photographer Jim Gianatsis were excited to announce an agreement with SBK World Superbike and the international model agencies and to bring beautiful Czech Republic SBK grid girls Jitka Pralinka and Petra Ruzinka to the United States during July 2014 to work for SBK and shoot with me at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca United States SBK World Superbike and AMA National race weekend July 11-13th, and the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show in Malibu on July 20th.

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World Superbike Grid Girls and Calendar Kittens
Jitunka & Petra
  Photos by Max Oliana

The last few years in World Superbike, the same beautiful SBK models standing on the front of the starting grid and on the podium at the European rounds of the World Superbike Championship have been professional models from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The models come from an agency named Petra’s Angels, and they travel to each of the European the race rounds by airplane or train.

At we are privileged to have partnered with SBK over the years, and since the 1995 World Superbike round at Laguna Seca have provided our Calendar Kittens to serve as the official SBK girls at the annual American rounds. And turnabout is fair play when it came to finding the most beautiful models to shoot for our Calendars.

Watching the European rounds of the World Superbike Championship on TV during the 2011-12 season we were always drawn to the two beautiful 6’2” tall blond SBK girls always staged at the front of the starting grid, Petra Ruzickova and Jitunka Pralinka. Petra has the longer blond hair and is a fashion model in Prague. Jitunka has the shorter hair and is a glamour model who enjoyes sexier photo shoots.

We had to hire these incredible models together for a Calendar shoot so I contract Petra at Petra’s Angels to set up the shoot at their nearby Brno World Superbike race so we could bring both Petra and Jitunka to the track a day early to shoot with Fast Dates Pit Lane Newsand official World Superbike photographer Massimo “Max” Oliana for the 2014 Fast Dates and Garage Girls Calendars. The girls and Max provided us with lot of great shots which you will enjoying seeing here and in the Calendars.

Jitunka and Petra

Kinsey Ray

Czech mates Jitunka and Petra rock our world in the 2014 Fast dates and Garage Girls Calendars

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Jitunka & Petra
Home: Prauge, Czech Republic
Stats: 6' 2" tall


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