July - August 2008

Carrie with Casey Stoner's 2007 MotoGP World Championship winning Ducati GP07.

World Premier! 2009 Fast Dates Racebike Pinup Calendar

July 1st 2008
- The SBK World Superbike endorsed 2009 Fast Dates Race Bike Swimsuit Pinup Calendar sponsored by Performance Machine and photographed by Jim Gianatsis offers a special treat this year with the cover bike being Casey Stoner's 2007 MotoGP World Championship winning Ducati GP07 bike photographed with sexy swimsuit and Calenar vover model Carrie Ann Stroup. We've got Carrie washing down the world's winningest MotoGP bike in a secret back alley location that's guaranteed to steam up any sportbike fan!

Of course, there's all all the top factory race bikes of the SBK World Superbike Championship photographed on location last year at Brands Hatch World Superbike in Great Britain with beautiful SBK Fast Dates World Superbike girls Rhian Sugden and Gemma Louise Henry. Featured are all the top factory Superbikes from Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Ducati including double World Champs James Toseland's Ten Kate Hannespre Honda CBR1000, Troy Bayliss' Xerox Ducati 999F07, Max Biaggi's Suzuki GSXR1000, and Regis Laconi's Kawasaki ZX10.

Rhian with James Toseland's 2007 World Superbike Championship winning Ten Kate Honda CBR1000RR

We also did some smokin' hot sportbike studio shots back in Los Angeles with Playboy model and Calendar Kitten Tiffany Toth with our own limited edition Fast Dates project bikes, a Ducati 1098S Tri Colore and Hypermoto R, plus a wild Shinya Kimura retro V-Twin sport custom that was just selected to appear in Legend of the Motorcycle at the President Clinton Library in Atkansas this fall! These ARE the world's top racing bikes in MotoGP and World Superbike, together with beautiful swimsuit models, that are that are guaranteed to have you bouncin' off the rev limiter and blowin' a head gasket.

Buy the 2009 Fast Dates Calendar • Download Big Screensaver Photos in Members Corner

Our 2010 Fast Dates Calendar Kittens were, from left to right, Pirelli girls Lauren Brooke and Jamie Jungers, Hannspree girls Shona Kay and Kami Wilson, here with World Champion Troy Bayliss's Ducati 1098F08 Superbike.

The Mormons try to sabotage our sexy
2010 Fast Dates Calendar Shoot at America's
SBK World Superbike Round at Miller Motorsports, Utah

May 30-June 1st 2008, Toole, Utah, USA - The return of World Superbike Championship to America at Miller Motorsports Raceway in Utah, after a 3 year absence stateside, gave us an exciting new venue to shoot the next edition of the SBK World Superbike endorsed Fast Dates Calendar. Once again calendar photographer and producer Jim Gianatsis was able to photograph all the top factory World Superbike on pit lane with some very beautiful Calendar Kittens for the world's premier sportbike calendar, now celebrating it's 18 year!

The newly constructed Larry H Miller owned Miller Motorsports Raceway, in Toole, Utah, some 30 miles west of Salt Lake City, first got to play host to a AMA Superbike round last year, in a warm up to this year's dual SBK Superbike / AMA Superbike Weekend. The 2 different series used2 different track configurations on the weekend so comparisons between different spec bikes and tires couldn't be directly made. However, the World Superbikes this year did use last year's AMA course and the lap times were effectively quicker despite the World Superbikes being on spec tires. Last year Yoshimura Suzuki's Mat Mladin established the AMA Superbike track record on the 4.907 Kilometer course with a 1:49.585 lap in practice. This year in SBK Superpole that lap recorded was shattered in the 1:48's by the front half of the SBK grid with pole sitter Carlos Checa establishing a new lap record of 1:48.193.

Everything you have heard about the Miller Motorsports facility is true. It has been built as as a World class roadracing facility with no expense spared, and along with Laguna Se ca and Indianapolis is one of only 3 FIM approved racetracks in America. Everything is exceptional from the road course layout and and construction, to the Spectator Grandstands and Pit Garages, to the Administration and Press Facilities. The track was way overstaffed with very courteous personnel, making a visit there a wonderful experience. It was incredible to see every team bike even had their own personal Fire Marshal with hand carried fire extinguisher.

Alfa's important talent, the 159 Sports sedan and accompanying grid girl.

We can only guess how much it must cost to put on a World Superbike race in America when we saw that SBK even flew in the 2 obligatory official Ala Romeo 159 pace cars, and had a full compliment of Alfa grid girls to go with them.

My own personal favorite was the track's on site Museum which features millionaire real estate developer Larry Miller's personal race car collection featuring Ford race cars from the 1960s, in particular 427Shelby Cobras and GT350 Mustangs, and the World Sportscar Championship winning LeMans Ford GT MkII and Mk V racers. The 427ci Mark V long-tail LeMans cars is one of the most beautiful, and now value race cars ever built.

If any criticisms can be lodged against Miller Raceway is the fact it is not a spectator friendly track, as the track design is too expansive, and the grandstands are too far back for the course. You are not a part of the action, and you miss most of the racing taking place on more distant portions of the track. It might have been built more like a European stadium track like for better spectator viewing. As it is, it is an excellent facility for track schools and such where you go there to participate and race on the track. One plus for Miller was the open spectator access to visit the AMA garages throughout the weekend, along with SBK Pit Lane at select times and see the bikes being worked on. While more personable SBK riders like Troy Corser made themselves available to fans at the back of the SBK Pit Row Garages throughout the weekend.

The beautiful Alfa Grid Row Girls, 20 minutes before the start of Sunday's first World Superbike race, and the main spectator viewing area behind them is empty.

The other criticism of Miller is its location in the middle of nowhere Utah, with no access by mass public transportation. The nearest metropolitan area is Salt Lake City, 30 miles away, which is also where the International Airport, and all the hotels and restaurants are located. So the choice for visiting motorsports fans a 1-2 day drive from major cites on the west coast and the mid-west, or now a costly airplane flight, hotel and rental car. It's fine for private track days and testing, and even television race viewing, but as a go-to destination for weekend race spectators, one of the best roadrace facilities in America quickly drops to the bottom of the list.

The published attendance figures for this year's SBK/AMA race weekend at Miller was 51,000. In reality, we roughly counted at most 2,500 people on Friday for Practice, possibly increased to 3,500 on Saturday, and then 4,500 returning / total spectators on Sunday. World Superbike has a 3-year contract for Miller Motorsports Park and next year they plan to return with their 600cc SBK Supersport Class, which will add to the race weekend.

This year we decided to book our Fast Dates Calendar Kittens locally from the largest, supposedly most reputable modeling agency in Salt Lake City, Urban Talent Wilhelmina. We showed the agency president. Tina Bullen, photography by Email of our current calendars with the models posing in swimsuits with the World Superbike on Pit Lane. Tina approved of the shoot and said she'd be happy to work with us. I prepared a list of models I wanted to hire from the portfolios on the Urban Talent website, but the first 10 girls on my list said they weren't available for our Calendar. The fact that of the some 200 models listed on the Urban website, not one had a swimsuit or body photo in their portfolio made me think these might be very conservative Mormon girls. But Tina assured me otherwise. Final after about 4 weeks of going back and forth trying to find models, just 2 weeks before the race weekend I was able to lock down 3 girls for the Calendar shoot, who would also serve as umbrella girls for team Alstare Suzuki on Sunday.

The 2 Mormon models on Friday from Urban Talent.

I arranged for 2 of the models to meet me at our hotel, the Airport Marriott, to stay for the weekend starting on Thursday Evening, so we could get acquainted, I could explain to them about the shoot which was planned for the nest day, Friday evening after WSB Practice on Pit Lane in front of the team garages , and I could get them to the track on time each day in my car. I also showed them samples of the current Fast Dates Calendars just to confirm to them what we'd be shooting. Later that evening we met up with my buddy, "High Speed" movie producer Jeff Jenkins, and the girls took us into downtown Salt Lake City where we had dinner on the patio of a fantastic Japanese restaurant at a cool outdoor shopping mall. We had a great evening, the girls were beautiful, and I was looking forward to a great Calendar Shoot the next day.

The next day at the hotel we meet for breakfast, and then by 10am we were in my rental car and off to the track about 30 days away. We were on the Interstate driving past the Great Salt Lake, and despite their living here in salt Lake City, one of the models said this was the first time she had ever been west of town seen the Great Salt Lake, the biggest and most notable natural attraction in the state! When we got to the track we first stopped at the Administration Building to pick up our SBK credentials. From there we went into the track with a case of the new 2009 Fast Dates Calendars I had brought, as i do every year, and walked down Pit Lane to meet all the SBK factory teams and managers, give them a copy of the new Calendar with their bikes I shot the year before, and schedule to shoot their bikes again this year after Practice starting around 5:30 pm.

The Mormons, original settlers of Salt Lake City, Utah, also came to Miller Motorsports Park to practice their unique religious beliefs.

Once we had all the team bikes lined up to shoot, the models and Ii had the rest of the afternoon to kill, so we walked the spectator side of the track, first visiting the Miller Race Car Museum, then walking down to the far end of Spectator row were Ducati was the lone manufacturer to setup a creditable manufacturer's display .It was quite a hike, nearly half a mile, and during the lunch break both Troy Bayliss and Lorenzo Lanzi were there to autograph posters. Then we hiked back towards the pits, stopping at a concession stand for a corn dog lunch and then went into the Main Grand stand to watch WSB Practice. After practice i walked the girls back to our ar by the pits so they 'ld have a hour to get ready for the all important Calendar shoot. I left them alone for about45 minutes to get ready, freshen up and do their makeup while i went back to the pits to check on the team bikes.

I returned to the parking lot to get the models and my cameras at 5pm for our shoot, and found them standing outside the car, talking in heated voices and animated gestures on their Apple i-phones to the model agency. It seems in the 45 minutes I left them alone at the car, they got bored, and decided to search the internet to see just what the FastDates.com Calendar website, which they were advertising on the front of their Calendar Kitten Uniforms, was all about. And in scrolling through the pages of the world's most popular motorcycle and pinup calendar website they came across some banner link ads for Playboy.com. The models clicked on the Playboy ads and - "Oh My God, this is a pornographic website! We can't model for this. We're good Mormon girls. Our families and husbands / boyfriends would never accept this, and neither will we"

And no amount of convincing, explaining and conjoeling could convince them otherwise. That this was just swimsuit calendar shoot. The fact that the Fast Dates calendar is sold on a website which has paid ads from a nude sites like Playboy has nothing to do with it. Is it any different than Playboy having a paid member channel on Warner Cable or Direct TV, right there next to SpeedTV, the Disney Channel, and their own church channels where they advocate violations of mankind and the law? The Mormon bitches hitched a ride back to Salt Lake City and were gone until Sunday, when they would return to complete the booking Ii had arranged for them to be the Alstare Suzuki Grid Girls.

Meanwhile i was stranded with a World Superbike Calendar to shoot, right now, in the middle of nowhere and without no models after 5pm on a friday night. My buddy Jeff offered that there were a lot of other attractive sponsorship models and riders girlfriends wandering the paddock and should approach to them. So I raced back to the Pit Boxes where the teams were waiting for us and told them the Calendar models had gotten sick from being out in the heat all day and the shoot was postponed until the next evening, Saturday.

Then I went to work looking for new Fast Dates Calendar Kittens. Miller Motorsports had six grid girls of their own, but really not up to calendar standards. Racer Steve Rapp's attractive girlfriend was up for it an I enlisted her. But I left the track on Friday evening about 7pm still needing 1 to 2 more good models.

When Ii returned to the track on saturday morning I set about again looking for the prettiest girls i could fine. Eric Bostrom's girlfriend was a definite 10 in the model department, but said she was just too shy to shoot for a swimsuit calendar. I looked for Steve Rapp's girlfriend all day, leaving word with his mechanic at his team garage and couldn't find her. It was looking bleak. But then I ran into the PR Managers for SBK sponsors Pirelli and Hannspree with their very attractive Promo Girls. I asked them and they were excited and honored to be Fast Dates Calendar Girls, and the $300 each, I offered to pay them to shoot the calendar that evening after they got off their Promo duties, was just an added bonus they weren't expecting!

In the end it worked out great for almost everyone. We at FastDates.com got 4 wonderful models in Pirelli girls Lauren Brooke and Jamie Jungers, Hannspree girls Shona Kay and Kami Wilson, all who really wanted to be featured in the 2010 Fast Dates Calendar. And World Superbike sponsors Pirelli and Hannspree got to receive some great publicity by having their models photographed in their team uniforms, as well as in sexy swimsuits for the Calendar. And I instead, got 4 Calendar Kittens for less cost than the original 2 models who quit. In the end, it was the 2 up tight Mormons who lost a day of work on location Friday at the track, without getting paid. God does work in mysterious ways!

Gabrielle Anwar

Gabriellw Anwar

FastDates.com Calendars Co-Star with actress Gabrielle Anwar
on TV Show "Burn Notice"

Sept 1st 2008 - Over the years, the FastDates.com Calendars have served as props in television shows and movies where they support the story line or set background. Our calendars are ideal for filming purposes as they are big, large format calendar pages with great photography printed on high quality, non reflective art board. Past TV shows and movies our calendars have appeared on include Melrose Place (staring a previous Calendar Kitten Josie Bisset) and Gone In 60- Seconds with Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie.

The producers of any commercial film production have to contact the owners of a trademarked product ( be it a bottle of beer or a car) to get a signed usage release before it can be used in the film, which is why we know of it months in advance. Here's the update on the TV show "Burn Notice" using our calendars:

HI Jim, Yes, I ordered the calendars from your site and received them on Friday. Thanks so much! I had them on my desk and all the guys at the office kept stopping by, trying to slyly walk away with them.The episode is titled "Hot Spot" and will air in either January or February 2009. "Burn Notice" is on the USA Network and airs Thursday nights at 10pm. Our website is www.usanetwork/series/burnnotice

I gave the calendars to the director, along with some others. The will either be used as a "prop" in which Gabrielle Anwar's character, who poses as a publisher from a calendar company, shows them to a potential client. OR they will be displayed on the walls of a billiards club or a cigar bar. It is up to the director. I wish you all the luck and everyone loves the calendars!

Best Wishes, Sarah Ananties
Production Assistant, Burn Notice

Actress Gabrielle Anwar is the sexy smart co-star on Burn Notice which is crime drama simialr to Miami Vice and filmed in Miami Her past credits include many TV shows and movies including : The Three Musketeers, For Love or Money, Scent of a Woman, and HBO's The Tudors.

5 Sexy New Pictorial galleriess Added in Members Corner!

Fast Dates World Superbike Calendar Kitten Gemma Gleeson
She was the hottest thing to ever hit the starting grid 2 years ago at Brands Hatch World Superbike. Fast Dates Calendar Kitten Gemma Gleeson was your typical long-legged beautiful 19-year old runway supermodel from County Cork, Ireland and we brought her to Brands with 2 other models to shoot the 2007 Fast Dates Calendar.
It proved difficult to get any work done that weekend as we (actually Gemma and the other 2 models) were constantly mobbed by the race teams, media, TV and fans for pictures and to be chatted-up. European TV fans got to see a lot of Gemma on screen that weekend, much of it in the SBK's 1-hour Saturday Practice and Sunday's Pre Race Show coverage which we don't get here in America on SpeedTV, and with all the grid girls being edited out of the 1-hour race coverage we are shown. See more here: Brands Hatch 2005.

However, we've been able to get together with Gemma again to shoot some incredible photos of our Irish goddess for FastDates.com which you'll find in Members Corner. Now you can get an exclusive look at one of our most beautiful Calendar Kittens ever in 5 very sexy and revealing new pictorials! Members Corner.

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Members Corner - Sexy and Reveal photos of the prettiest fastdates.com calendar Kittens including Playboy Playmates Tamara Witmer, Athena Lundburg, and the world's sexiest actresses and models Jamie Pressly, Joanna Krupa and LeeAnn Tweeden. Plus archives of all the Fast Dates, Iron & Lace, Garage Girls Calendars.
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Featuring Playboy Playmate Tamara Witmer, Camilla and Katie!

2009 Calendar Preview!
Get a full look NOW of all the 2009 Calendar photos in the
Members Corner

Post Cards from 2008
Miller SBK Fast Dates
2010 Calendar Shoot


Haga gets ready to race after breaking his collarbone the day before.

Lorenzo Lanzi

Alstare Suzuki's Francis Batta and Yukio Kagayama and one of our Mormon gird girls.

Mister personality "Mad Max"

The"Fonz" Nieto

Calendar Kitten Kami snuggles up with Ryuichi

Lorenzo Lanzi had to retire his "The Fonz" nickname to Fonzi Nieto this season.

The Mormons were seen passing out our pornographic Fast Dates Calendars to the SBK factory race teams on Saturday.

This cute Hannspree girl was always smiling, here she cools still reigning 600cc Supersport World Champion Kent Sofuoglu

Mister personality "Mad Max"

Checa tops the podium with Bayliss and Neukirchner.

Regis Laconi

Troy Corser explains how his Yamaha is handling to the Ohlins technicians.

The Hannspree girls tackle a stiff breeze!

Alfa Grid Girls on parade.

SBK had to fly-in the two Alfa 159 pace cars.

Alfa girl stalked by TV crew.

Bayliss mugs for us before the race.

Corser is determined to win again.

The Mormons of Salt Lake City, fighting pornography, one race at a time.

The Mormon models changed to Alstare Suzuki grid girls on Sunday.

2007 MotoGP Review

High Speed - the Movie
The best motorcyce racing movie ever made! Filmed on location at World Superbike, this an exciting romantic drama staring beautiful actress Sienna Miller.

2007 MotoGP Review

Troy's Story
The story of 2-Time World Superbike Champion Troy Bayliss narrated by Ewan McGreggor

motocross supercross motorcycle design tuning performance

Fast Dates
Calendar Bikes on DVD!

Sands vs. Rooke
Calendar Bike Build Off
See the world's two hottest custom sportbikes featured in the 2008 Fast Dates and Iron & Lace Calendars being built and raced by Roland Sands and Jesse Rooke for Discovery Channel's Biker Build Off

Roland sands, New Bllod DVD, KR Roberts Boardtracker

Roland Sands builds the
KR Tracker Calendar Show Bike

New Blood DVD
features Roland Sands building and riding the extraordinary Roland Sands Design / Kenny Roberts KR 990cc 5-cylinder MotoGP powered Retro Board Track Racer. The bike is also featured in the 2008 Fast Dates race bike and Iron & Lace custom bike Calendars with beautiful Playboy Playmate and Calendar Kitten Tamara Witmer in one of our best calendar shots ever and ,featured in the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show advertsing campaigns
and T-Shirt.

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Featuring the Superbikes of John Kocinski and Neil Hodgson (Ducati Corse 966F97), Troy Corser (Power Horse Ducati 966F97 which hit 200mph at Daytona), Erion Honda CBR900RR SuperTeam Champion, EBSCO Suzuki GSXR1142 SuperTeam Endruance Champion, Tom Kipp (Yamaha YZR750), Anthony Gober (Muzzy Kawasaki ZX7R), Roland Sand's (Performance machine Yamaha TZ250), Colin Edwards (Yamaha YZF750R), Carl Fogarty (Honda RC45), Larry Pegram (Ferracci Ducati 955), Pascal Picotte (Yoshimura Suzuki GSXR750.

On a Mission from God
The settlement of Salt Lake City was not typical in many ways of the westward movement of settlers and pioneers in the United States. The people who founded the city in 1847 were Mormons, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They did not come as individuals acting on their own, but as a well-organized, centrally directed group; and they came for a religious purpose, to establish a religious utopia in the wilderness, which they called the Kingdom of God on Earth. Like the Puritan founders of Massachusetts more than 200 years earlier, Mormons considered themselves on a mission from God, having been sent into the wilderness to establish a model society.

In many ways the history of Salt Lake is the story of that effort: its initial success; its movement away from the original ideas in the face of intense political, economic, and social pressure from the outside; and its increasing, but never complete, assimilation into the mainstream of American life. Its history has been the story of many peoples and of unsteady progress, and it was formed from a process of conflict--a conflict of ideas and values, of economic and political systems, of peoples with different cultural backgrounds, needs, and ambitions.

For about a generation after its founding, Salt Lake City was very much the kind of society its founders intended. A grand experiment in centralized planning and cooperative imagination, it was a relatively self-sufficient, egalitarian, and homogeneous society based mainly on irrigation agriculture and village industry. Religion infused almost every impulse, making it difficult to draw a line between religious and secular activities. A counterculture that differed in fundamental ways from its contemporary American society, it was close-knit, cohesive, and unified, a closely-woven fabric with only a few broken threads. The hand of the Mormon Church was ever present and ever active.

The extent of early Mormon pioneer unity can be, and often is, overstated. Even so, for the first few years of settlement, it was Salt Lake's most striking feature. Gradually at first, however, and then more rapidly, the city began to change. The completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 and the subsequent spread of a network of rails throughout the territory ended the area's geographic isolation. Its economy became more diversified and integrated into the national picture. Mining and smelting became leading industries. A business district, for which there was no provision in the original city plan, began to emerge in Salt Lake City. A working-class ghetto took shape in the area near and west of the railroad tracks. Urban services developed in much the same time and manner as in other cities in the United States, and by the beginning of the twentieth century Salt Lake was for its time a modern city. Main Street was a maze of wires and poles; an electric streetcar system served 10,000 people a day. There were full-time police and fire departments, four daily newspapers, ten cigar factories, and a well-established red-light district in the central business district. The population became increasingly diverse. In 1870 more than 90 percent of Salt Lake's 12,000 residents were Mormons. In the next twenty years the non-Mormon population grew two to three times as rapidly as did the Mormon population. By 1890 half of the city's 45,000 residents were non-Mormons; and there was also increasing variety among them, as a portion of the flood of twenty million immigrants who came to the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries found its way to Utah.

As Salt Lake changed, and in particular as the population became increasingly diverse, conflict developed between Mormons and non-Mormons. During its second generation, that was the city's most striking feature, just as earlier the degree of unity was most conspicuous; Salt Lake became a battleground between those who were part of the new and embraced it and those who were part of the old and sought to hold on to that. Local politics featured neither of the national political parties and few national issues. Instead, there were local parties--the Mormon Church's People's party, and an anti-Mormon Liberal party--and during elections people essentially voted for or against the Mormon Church. Separate Mormon and Gentile (non-Mormon) residential neighborhoods developed. While many Mormons engaged in agricultural pursuits, few Gentiles owned farms. Two school systems operated: a predominantly Mormon public one and a mainly non-Mormon private one. Fraternal and commercial organizations did not cross religious lines. Sometimes Mormons and non-Mormons even celebrated national holidays like the Fourth of July separately.

Conflict began to moderate after 1890 when, as a result of intense pressure from the federal government, particularly in the form of the Edmunds Act of 1882 and the Edmunds-Tucker Act of 1887, Mormon leaders decided to begin a process of accommodation to the larger society and endeavor to conform to national economic, political, and social norms. In 1890 Mormon Church President Wilford Woodruff issued the Manifesto, which proclaimed an end to the further performance of plural marriages. A year later, the church dissolved its People's party and divided the Mormon people between the Democratic and Republican parties. Following that, non-Mormons disbanded their Liberal party. During the next several years, the church abandoned its efforts to establish a self-sufficient, communitarian economy. It sold most church-owned businesses to private individuals and operated those it kept as income-producing ventures rather than as shared community enterprises.

These actions simply accelerated developments of the previous twenty years, and the next two or three decades were a watershed in Salt Lake's history. The balance shifted during those years. By the 1920s, as Dale Morgan says, the city no longer offered the alternative to Babylon it once had, and the modern city had essentially emerged. The process has continued to the present, with Salt Lake City increasingly reflecting national patterns.

Since Utah became urbanized at about the same rate as the United States as a whole, Salt Lake faced the problems of urbanization and industrialization at the same time they were surfacing elsewhere, and it responded in similar ways. During the Progressive Era, for example, it established a regulated vice district on the west side, undertook a city beautification program, adopted the commission form of government in 1911, and that same year elected a socialist, Henry Lawrence, as city commissioner. The city languished through the 1920s, as the depressed conditions of mining and agriculture affected its prosperity. The Great Depression of the 1930s hit harder in Utah than it did in the nation as a whole. Salt Lake correspondingly suffered, making clear its close relationship with the world around it and its vulnerability to the fluctuations of the national economy; and New Deal programs were correspondingly important in both city and state.

World War II brought local prosperity as war industries proliferated along the Wasatch Front. In the post-war period defense industries remained important, and by the early 1960s Utah had the most defense-oriented economy in the nation. It has remained in the top ten ever since. During the 1950s a number of important capital improvement projects were undertaken, including a new airport terminal, improved parks and recreational facilities, upgraded storm sewers, and construction of the city's first water-treatment plants. As a move to the suburbs began, the city's population grew slowly, increasing by only 4 percent through the 1950s. Racial discrimination was still one of Salt Lake's most serious problems. The real power in the city lay with a group of three men (though it is difficult to get specific information detailing their activities): David O. McKay, president of the Mormon church; Gus Backman, executive secretary of the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce; and John Fitzpatrick (and after his death in 1960, his successor, John H. Gallivan), publisher of the Salt Lake Tribune--representing, respectively, the city's Mormon, inactive Mormon, and non-Mormon communities. The triumvirate continued to function through the 1960s.

Features of the period since 1960 include further enhancement of the city as the communications, financial, and industrial center of the Intermountain West; a declining population within the actual city boundaries (down fourteen percent between 1960 and 1980); the movement of both people and businesses to the suburbs as the valley population continues to increase; some decaying residential neighborhoods and a deteriorating downtown business district and the effort to deal with those conditions; the development of a post-industrial economy; and the rise to national prominence the Utah Jazz professional basketball team and of such cultural organizations as the Utah Symphony and Ballet West. The city's population in 1990 was 159,936.

Yet through all of this, Salt Lake has never become a typical American city; it remains unique. The Mormon Church is a dominant force, Mormonism is still its most conspicuous feature, and deep division between Mormons and non-Mormons continues, particularly on the social and cultural levels. There is still much to Nels Anderson's observation in 1927 that Salt Lake is "a city of two selves," a city with a "double personality." As Dale Morgan observed more than forty years ago, Salt Lake is a "a strange town," a place "with an obstinant character all its own." That continues to be true. - John S. McCormick

See: Thomas G. Alexander and James B. Allen, Mormons and Gentiles: A History of Salt Lake City (1984); Robert Gottlieb and Peter Wiley, Empires in the Sun: The Rise of the New American West (1982); John S. McCormick, The Historic Buildings of Downtown Salt Lake City (1982); John S. McCormick, Salt Lake City, The Gathering Place: An Illustrated History (1980); and Dale L. Morgan, "Salt Lake City, City of the Saints," in Ray B. West, ed., Rocky Mountain Cities (1949).

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