Gianatsis Design Associates
Full service advertising, graphic design,
web design, marketing & promotion services,
on assignment and stock photography agency specializing in the fashion, sports fashion, automotive, motorcycle, watercraft and sports recreation markets.

We design and produce professional materials which prove their worth in increased sales.
We do this on time and at costs significantly lower than what most other agencies charge.

Calendar Show / Event Production Services
Gianatsis Design produces the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show- the world's premier outdoor streetbike event. Become a Sponsor, License our Show Activites for your own event, or let us bring our Proven Marketing Skills to produce a Successful Event for your Company.

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Los Angeles, USA
Phone: (01) 818.223.8550 • Facsimile: (01) 818.223.8590

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Calendar stock photography by Jim Gianatsis Calendar Distributor information

                                                • Advertising - Calendar & Website Advertising - Reach Our 350,000 Readers Monthly
                                                • Webmaster Revenue Sharing - Earn Money with Selling our Calendars, sending us traffic!
                                                • Calendar Distributor - Distributor sales information and Advertising Materials

Fashion, Sports Photography by Jim Gianatsis
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Stock Licensing
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Calendar Photography
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motocross supercross motorcycle design tuning performance
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Design & Tuning
for Motocross

by Jim Gianatsis
The ultimate book on motocross bike history and technology, performance and tuning. Includes many of Jim's classic photographs from the sport's beginning going back to the 1960s. This book is a must have for any dirt bike enthusiast.

Ducati Corse World Superbikes book

Ducati Corse World Superbikes
by Alan Cathcart &
Jim Gianatsis Pit Lane News